Knowledge Shop is a prominent financial advising firm in Australia, specialising in providing training for accountants and financial advisers. In Australia, finance professionals are required to accumulate a specific number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points over 12 months to retain their professional licenses. CPD points are earned through training programs that keep professionals updated on the latest laws and regulations in their respective fields. Keeping track of your CPD points had become almost as time consuming as keeping up with completing the trainings to earn the points themselves...

What they needed:

  1. Consolidation of fragmented Training Systems
  2. Integrations and support
  3. Simplify complex Access Structures

How they got there:

  1. Created a comprehensive Learning Management System
  2. Integrated the LMS with HubSpot
  3. Simplified access across employees and customers

CPD management and training was hard

Prior to our engagement with Knowledge Shop, individuals and organisations faced significant challenges in managing CPD training. They had to rely on a combination of manual on-site trainings and a cumbersome online system. There was no centralised platform to track CPD points or provide updates on training statuses.

The existing systems lacked integration with Knowledge Shop’s services, resulting in inefficiencies and the need to search multiple sources for answers. Even when answers were found, there was uncertainty about their accuracy, which was a major concern for maintaining licenses and serving customers effectively. By creating the LMS and integrating it directly within HubSpot, we were able to take advantage of real time updates available right there in the portal based on your access. Speaking of access…

Knowledge Shop members struggled to access additional information and receive support from consultants, ultimately limiting the benefits of their membership. The access structure was complex, with various positions and organizations requiring review and adjustment, from Super Admins to individual roles. Certain content was restricted to specific organizations, creating difficulties in delivering a unified and user-friendly experience. To solve for this, we were able to segment access within HubSpot at both an organizational level as well as an individual level through varying permission sets within those different organizations based on their membership.


A single source of truth

Knowledge Shop addressed the fragmented training systems by developing a fully integrated Learning Management System. This LMS serves as a single source of truth for members, seamlessly interacting with Knowledge Shop’s services and is fully integrated with Knowledge Shop’s HubSpot portal. Users can now access a centralised platform for their training, eliminating the need for manual tracking and ensuring real-time updates on CPD points.

Knowledge Shop’s LMS allows users to ask up to 10 questions per month directly to Knowledge Shop consultants. The questions can be entered directly into the LMS, ensuring privacy and confidentiality. This integration enhances the consultancy element, providing users with valuable, real time insights and support as part of their membership.

Knowledge Shop’s LMS allows professionals to load training completed at different companies, providing a comprehensive overview of their CPD points. This feature distinguishes Knowledge Shop from its main competitors by offering flexibility and convenience to users by allowing them to manage and update their points, even if they transition between organisations. This was a huge win in reducing ramp up time and administrative time for any new hires across the industry.


The impact

Knowledge Shop’s innovative solution through HubSpot has positioned them as the only player in the market with such a comprehensive system. The centralised approach has resulted in a one-stop-shop for users, enhancing their experience and improving retention. Organisations benefit from streamlined membership options, allowing them to manage CPD compliance efficiently under one umbrella. The flexible learning management system sets Knowledge Shop apart, giving users the freedom to leverage their professional development regardless of their career transitions.

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