One of our customers is a leading provider of accounts receivable automation software with offices in Sydney (AUS) and Seattle (USA). They have been dedicated to one primary goal – ensuring businesses get paid faster. Their newly improved HubSpot portal has played a pivotal role in helping their customers streamline operations and boost revenue.

What they needed:

  1. A custom Quote-to-Cash tool integrated with Chargebee
  2. More functional online forms
  3. Custom-coded workflows
  4. Better buy-in from end-users

How we got there:

  1. Complete audit of their original HubSpot portal
  2. Detailed working sessions to review optimization recommendations
  3. Restructuring of forms and workflows

What’d they need?

As a business’ needs change over time, the setup of their CRM needs to reflect those changes. Our customer’s original HubSpot setup began causing issues that were resulting in a lot of tedious, manual updates for staff and was ultimately slowing their whole process down and reducing management’s visibility into performance. What else happens when staff get frustrated with the process? They lose faith in the system and become discouraged from using a tool that’s designed to work for them and make their lives’ easier. We needed to enhance their understanding of HubSpot’s capabilities and increase end user buy-in across all of their Sales, Marketing, and Service functions.

This process was paralleled by a critical restructuring of forms, optimizing each to improve Lead Scoring and to elevate their lead qualification. To compliment the new forms, the remapping of sales and service pipelines was undertaken to boost operational efficiency and customer engagement throughout the life cycle – we needed to make sure deals or incidents were going to make their way to the right people in the portal.

The final and most specific requirement was for a specialized Quote-to-Cash tool that needed to be integrated with Chargebee, our customer’s chosen subscription management platform. This integration would bolster their billing and sales processes and be the foundation of their business model going forward.


How’d we get there?

The first step was to complete a comprehensive discovery and audit of their existing HubSpot setup, effectively uncovering both strengths and weaknesses within their system.

This initial phase paved the way for subsequent improvements. New forms were created with a keen focus on lead qualification and the accurate generation of Lead Scoring results. The optimization of these forms not only elevated the quality of leads but also streamlined operations behind the scenes, allowing automation to take over former manual tasks. In recognition of the unique requirements of their Quote-to-Cash tool, new custom objects were created within HubSpot to match Chargebee’s, fostering better performance and communication between the two platforms.

The successful integration of the Quote-to-Cash tool with Chargebee marked a significant milestone in the process as it facilitated the seamless exchange of data between the two systems. Of particular importance, the Chargebee Subscription ID was systematically transferred to both the HubSpot Deal record and Company record, ensuring data accuracy.

Automation played a pivotal role in improving staff happiness as custom-coded workflows took over for a variety of manual processes. These workflows extended to tagging product information onto Company properties, providing their sales team with quick insights into customer purchases. The application of custom-coded workflow actions with Chargebee’s API served as a reliable source of truth for the business, guaranteeing data integrity and ultimately providing more value from HubSpot.


The impact

The commitment to HubSpot as a CRM that can address all of their needs across Marketing, Sales, and Service, combined with the successful integration of their new custom Quote-to-Cash tool with Chargebee, has resulted in more streamlined business operations, happier staff and customers, and better quality leads. HubSpot has provided them the foundation they need to continue to grow and help their customers get paid.

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