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Analytics Amplifier
Push HubSpot Events (eg lifecycle) to Google Analytics in Real Time
Analytics Amplifier matches HubSpot customer behaviours such as ‘Hot Leads’ and ‘Deal Amount’ (plus many more) with realtime Google Analytics data.

Lifecycle stage
Connect HubSpot’s default lifecycle stages, such as Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) or Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).

Deals won
Understand what content or campaigns were successful in securing your large deals and go after more like them!

If you use HubSpot Personas you will be able to analyse which personas are most effective for you and find more of them!

Create Custom Events
Create up to 10 custom events – use workflows to determine when these are pushed to Google Analytics.

Apply custom dimensions to every event we push to Google Analytics.
Plus many more vital events to help you refine your reports and campaigns.

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