This case study highlights the online lead generation success of one of our clients’ Pharma sales experts.


Problem: What were we trying achieve

Initially, our client, a leading sales performance improvement organisation, was generating zero Pharma and Medtech leads. Not only were the existing databases on these industries small, they were also outdated. We needed new contacts so that we could start to build a profile and market our products to these sectors.

Our brief was to establish our client as the thought leader in sales performance for the Pharma/Medtech industries. In order to achieve that, we had to drastically increase the amount of tailored content we had for this vertical.

So, we worked with their industry expert to produce tailored content. And using inbound marketing techniques we were able to achieve this goal!


Solution: The Queen of Content

Quality content production is the key to generating leads from search engines. Our industry expert applied her knowledge of the Pharma and Medtech industries to produce several high quality blog posts. Once these articles were optimised for keywords such as “pharmaceutical sales strategies”, they were ready to be pushed out to the world.



Key tactics

  • Rewrite several whitepapers to be Pharma and Medtech specific, which we then turned into gated content requiring user registration to download it
  • Produce as many blog articles as possible with calls to action to download a related whitepaper
  • Started a Pharma LinkedIn Group
  • Actively spread our content onto other LinkedIn / Social media groups
  • Pay Per Click campaigns linking to Pharma whitepaper downloads
  • Email blasts to Pharma and Medtech segments on our database
  • Email lead nurturing campaign for newly registered Pharma and Medtech leads
  • Internal linking: hyperlink keywords in articles to other articles that are optimised for that keyword
  • Survey: we produced a Pharma and Medtech-specific survey. The aim of this was to generate content and statistics for publicity, editorial content and to position the client as an industry expert.


White papers: We have rewritten nine whitepapers to be Pharma and Medtech specific. Resulting in 972 leads / downloads.

Blog articles: We have written over 30 blog articles. One of them even reached our top 10 viewed posts receiving over 600 views in a three month period. Titled: “What is the pharmaceutical sales force for?”

Traffic and Leads: we are now generating traffic and leads for several keywords:

  • 44 Pharma related Keywords
  • 29 Medtech related Keywords
  • 34% average conversion rate (visit to lead)

LinkedIn Group: we have grown a Pharma / Medtech specific group from 0 to 154 members
The content produced will continue to generate leads for years to come.

Example: Landing page / Whitepaper download:

Download: Creating Real Value for Physicians (PDF)
Leads generated: 227 – Views: 728 – Conversion rate: 31%

Good Blog Post example

  • Less formal text, more chatty style. Talks about personal experience
  • Reached top 10 viewed blog articles
  • 602 article views to date

Top Keyword Examples

  • pharmaceutical sales strategies
  • pharmaceutical sales buzzwords
  • pharmaceutical sales
  • tips on selling pharmaceuticals to doctors
  • spin selling pharmaceuticals
  • pharma and medical devices
  • pharmaceutical sales strategy
  • pharmaceutical sales tips
  • pharmaceutical sales training
  • medical sales course Sydney
  • medical device sales
  • medical device sales training
  • medibank training
  • Plus many more

Fast Facts & Figures

  • Campaign Timeframe: Approximately 1 year
  • Time invested: each blog & whitepaper took approximately 1.5 hours each. 58.5 hours total.
  • Blog articles produced: 30
  • Whitepapers produced: 9
  • Leads generated to date: 972 highly ranked
  • Pharma Keywords we now rank for: 73
  • Pharma PPC stats: LinkedIn Advertising – Leads generated from this source: 184, Cost: AUD$352

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