Saved in process efficiency


Saved in system redundancies


Increase in website revenue


Increase in overall database growth

Experience Co (ASX: EXP) is a rapidly-growing Australian company founded in 1998 that is determined to help you escape the ordinary and find the right adventure for you, your family, and friends. Their vision is to become the most recognised and respected adventure business in Australia and New Zealand, starting with providing an exceptional experience from booking through post adventure. Experience Co wanted to work with us so they could spend more time working with you to plan your next adventure.

What they needed:

  1. A single source of truth for accurate and meaningful reporting
  2. A custom CRM that could support their rapid growth through acquisitions
  3. A system that could easily integrate with the rest of their tech stack
  4. To expedite repetitive tasks and maintain data integrity

How they got there:

  1. A complete integration audit and HubSpot configuration
  2. Clearly defined marketing and sales processes to maximise lead nurturing
  3. Personalised training so they could manage and maintain their new portal ongoing

What did Experience Co need?

New acquisitions mean new challenges. Due to an aggressive acquisition period in which they brought in a number of disparate businesses, Experience Co’s technology systems became discombobulated. Employees were spending too much time on duplicate data entry and navigating their different internal systems. They needed a CRM and Marketing Automation Platform to serve as their single source of truth that could provide a holistic, 360 degree view of their customers. HubSpot would prove to be an instant game changer. It could save employees time by eliminating the legwork that came with the manual transfer of data as well as improve overall data integrity, because, well, we’ve all been there… The manual transfer of data comes with its fair share of human error.

Piecing together and working out of different systems meant separate contact databases. Separate contact databases restricted Experience Co’s ability to cross-sell and prevented Experience Co management from being able to view and report on staff activity and performance. With all their data being siloed, reporting had become extremely manual. This prevented ExCo from getting current and accurate insights into their customers’ needs and interests. They were looking to become more agile so they could collate and quickly respond to issues and patterns of change. Ultimately, we needed to simplify the systems that were already in place and restructure their distinct businesses into Business Units within HubSpot. We also needed to make the process replicable for any acquisitions that will be joining the Experience Co family in the future.


What’d we do about it?

First up was an integration audit and scoping exercise – this was an essential starting point to determine what systems needed to work with HubSpot and what systems Experience Co wouldn’t need to renew 😉

We ran three streams of activity:

  1. Dealing with People
  2. Dealing with Processes
  3. Dealing with Technology

For each area, we mapped out existing processes and specific data requirements. We collaborated with the Experience Co project team via brainstorming sessions and data due diligence to present new processes based on HubSpot’s capabilities. From there, we configured HubSpot and built out system integrations that would enable these new processes to function seamlessly.

Why bother with a new CRM if no one knows how to use it, maintain it, and/or grow it? Using a train-the-trainer method, we taught designated trainers how to use and own their HubSpot portal. This gives them the tools and the confidence they need to make any portal adjustments and answer and train any questions for their users as the business continues to evolve and grow.

What’s new?

Some of the new tools available to Experience Co that they’re taking advantage of in HubSpot include:

  • Net Promoter Score Surveys
  • Cross-promotion
  • Branded emails
  • ​​Workflow automations around deals, survey feedback, and actions taken on websites
  • Integrations with multiple booking platforms into HubSpot for a source of truth

Having recently acquired several business units under our company umbrella, we knew it was going to be a tall order to integrate all our brands and multiple tech stacks into HubSpot. Fortunately, Engaging came highly recommended to us, and we could not have asked for a more supportive team to guide us through the process. From the outset, the team went out of their way to get to know our business and our needs, enabling them to design tailored solutions which were right for us. Michelle, Dani, Ralph, James (and the rest of the Engaging team) have always been very responsive, highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and just lovely people to work with. I would highly recommend working with the Engaging team if you have the chance.

Leigh Stirling
Revenue Systems & Project Manager, Experience Co

The impact?

A robust, single source of truth ready for your next adventure. Since implementing, Experience Co has reported the following (as of September 2023):

  • Savings of over $75,000 in process efficiency (labour hours)
  • Savings of over $45,000 in system redundancies
  • Average of 122% increase in website revenue across Business Units
  • Over 7% growth in overall database
  • Over 100% increase in total marketing contacts

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