Travellers Autobarn were referred to us by HubSpot for a custom integration they needed on their Rental Car Manager platform (RCM). They wanted to identify customers who were dropping out of the sales funnel after making a booking enquiry, then use targeted email workflows to re-engage and convert them.


Ralph and his team delivered everything we asked of them, on time, in budget, and with excellent communication throughout the process. We couldn't have been happier with the work or the result!

Bastian Graf | Sales & Marketing Manager
Travellers Autobarn


Due to the confidential data they held on their clients, they needed to maintain direct control of the integration work.  Being able to collaborate directly with our Australian based internal development was essential for the success of both the security and communication of the project.

What we did

Having mapped out their system requirements, we wrote custom code for their internal development team to easily deploy, then walked them through the whole process.

If you’re interested in the more ‘techy’ part of the integration, check out this Rental Car Manager HubSpot Integration article.

The upshot

Within 24 hours, a customer who prior to the HubSpot integration would have been lost was converted to a sale.  By segmenting customers into the right groups in HubSpot and dropping them into relevant email workflows with targeted and meaningful content, Travellers Autobarn have been able to convert not only that first customer, but hundreds more.


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