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ALTA is a global fitness training company that runs an internationally recognised 20 week mixed martial arts program. The aim of the program is to provide their clients with world class MMA training with the goal to compete in their first amateur MMA bout at completion.

ALTA was already using HubSpot to automate their sales and marketing processes along with external systems, however, because of their rapid growth, their HubSpot portal had taken a beating.

We stepped in to help train HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales Hubs to work better together.

What they needed:

  1. Easily replicable and automated processes to save time
  2. A unified system that could support their rapid growth
  3. Easily manageable marketing templates that matched new brand launch
  4. Better data access and compliance

How they got there:

  1. A clearly defined sales process within HubSpot
  2. An automated and seamless lead nurturing setup within HubSpot
  3. Integrations with external platforms to make HubSpot a single source of truth
  4. A bespoke CRM extension

The problem: A tangled HubSpot portal

ALTA were on an expansion push and needed to create a solid technology foundation to support their rapid growth.

But to facilitate that growth, ALTA needed to tame the tangled mess in their HubSpot portal. Through neglect and staff turnover, they had a large number of workflows which weren’t easily replicable and a lot of processes requiring manual input to function properly. The platform structure had become hugely inefficient and meant they weren’t utilising the true combined value of Marketing and Sales Hubs.

Driving the expansion was a re-launch including a name and branding change meaning all of the existing visual collateral was out of date.

Another problem was their reliance on external systems for additional functionality. ALTA needed to integrate HubSpot with these external platforms to get better business visibility and provide a single source of truth. These included their bespoke ecommerce platform, Commerce Tools along with Sakari and Aircall for their SMS and outbound calling processes.


The solution: a deep HubSpot audit, reconfiguration & bespoke integration

We collaborated with ALTA to create a plan to ensure they could continue functioning normally whilst we audited their HubSpot portal in the background and got some quick wins on the board.

An initial two week sprint allowed us to update settings, forms, deal pipelines, lists and reports and let ALTA operate more effectively in the short term as we audited.

From there, we began a 5 step process to audit, reconfigure and integrate

The impact: a fit and healthy HubSpot platform ready for anything

ALTA now has a HubSpot portal which is easier to operate and navigate, saving them a lot of time on their daily operations.

Their new templates not only match the new brand, they also can be much more easily customised and distributed.

Unifying their platforms into a single source of truth and adding functionality that previously needed to be undertaken separately has made their business even more efficient.

All of this combined allows ALTA to operate more effectively and with more control over their sales and marketing processes, giving them the opportunity to scale at a rapid rate.

"We were up against really aggressive build and deployment plans and Engaging were sensational in how they were able to team with us and help us along the way. We were able to get a customised CRM that really supported the re-launch of our global business. Highly recommend the team at Engaging."

Dylan Price-Brennan
Technical Director

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