The client for this case study is an Australian and New Zealand based residential home builder. They use a progressive and innovative franchise model that allows them to service customers all across ANZ. However, each of the clients’ franchisees were managing their own data individually through differing methods. This was messing with their overall coherence and ability to market to their customers, so stepped in to help!



Our client was in need of a centralised system so that franchisees were no longer responsible for managing their own data individually. This system needed to be able to automate and personalise our clients marketing operations effectively to further grow their business. Furthermore, they wanted to minimise manual processes for their sales team and streamline their sales process to create more synergy within the company. HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hubs were the perfect solution!


What did we do?

We onboarded our client onto HubSpot and set up Marketing and Sales Hubs to be used in the following ways:


We helped our client set up their first lead nurture journey along with a chatbot and updated website forms for them to qualify marketing leads before they are handed off to sales. The chatbot and new website forms use three questions to allow for qualification and allocation of leads to the correct division within the business and franchise. 


We worked with franchisees to gain an understanding of their ideal sales process. We then used this information to set up a new sales process for all franchisees within HubSpot. This included customised deal pipelines, lead assignments and task management per franchise, plus sales and management dashboards to support weekly meetings and reporting requirements.

By segmenting their database incoming leads could be accessed and processed smoothly via HubSpot. Firstly, we had to segment the database between New Home Sales and potential franchisees. Secondly, we set up team structures so that franchisees could only see the contacts that belong to them, and not the contacts of other franchisees.

Connecting Marketing and Sales

Working together on their strategy we were able to redefine their sales qualification criteria. We put in place parameters to define at what point marketing can hand over a lead to sales and then built the necessary automation to support it.

One more thing…

We also helped set up Custom Lead Routing for our client. This was set up so that when a form is submitted by a client, the address properties are used to find a match using a custom coded action on the HubSpot workflow using Operations Hub. If a match is found, the franchise owner will be applied to that contact in HubSpot. By setting this up for our client, their lead routing is now automated, cutting out the time consuming need to look up and manually allocate leads. 


What Happened Next?

Our client has noted improvements throughout their sales and marketing processes as a result of our involvement , including:

  • Increased visibility of their contacts
  • More lead conversions from marketing efforts
  • Increased sales productivity through eliminating some manual tasks
  • Improved management reporting

These improvements will continue to improve and positively impact our client in the long term!

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