Blockchain.  It's the tech that everyone's talking about.  We work with two different blockchain frameworks, public and private (or permissioned).  Examples of public blockchains are frameworks like  Ethereum, whilst permissioned blockchains operate on frameworks like IBM's Hyperledger Fabric.

There's a lot to understand, so let us help you...


Public blockchains are a truly decentralised network or distributed ledger.  Transactions are verified by miners who are paid for their time in cryptocurrency.  They have no central body, and no one owns the network.

Permissioned blockchains employ the technology of blockchain without applying all the founding principles.  You still get the security and immutable records, but the network is invite-only and can be owned or controlled.

It’s a minefield of tech-talk, acronyms and new terms, but it will revolutionise certain aspects of the world we live in, so it’s worth making the effort to understand what it’s all about.

To that end, we’ve compiled the below list of all of the articles we’ve written on the subject to help you wrap your head around what all the fuss is about, the practical applications and how it might benefit your business.

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If you want to find out more about Blockchain or have your own idea you think would well on a Blockchain platform but don’t know where to start, then drop us a line.  We love talking about and work on Blockchain projects.

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