Natalie Marie Jewellery (NMJ), a successful on and offline jewellery design and retail business approached us to build them a new e-commerce website which better represented both their brand and their products.

They wanted all the benefits of operating from the Shopify eCommerce platform but didn’t want to look like any other e-commerce website.


Within 9 months of our new site launch, our online sales rose by over 120% - Absolutely fantastic

Daniel Fitch | Director


How did we do it?

Lots of planning and research.  Then more planning and research.  We had a lot of face to face meetings to understand who they were so we could articulate that online and ensure their brand was perfectly represented.

The challenge was that unlike some clients, NMJ knew exactly what they wanted.  They had an idea of how they wanted their site to look like and how they wanted it function.  That would have been great if the Shopify platform allowed any of that, but it didn’t.  

So we rolled up our sleeves and set to work manipulating the bejesus out of their code.  We wrote custom code in PHP to alter views, tweaked their current code, created two separate blog pages which sat on top of each other to create an Instagram styled view, offset pixels for an asymmetrical grid pattern and a hundred other complicated things besides.



The end result

Aesthetic perfection, even if we do say so ourselves.  A beautifully designed site that encapsulates the beauty of NMJ’s designs and their cultural essence.  Essentially, what makes them, them.  

Through the changes to the visual and customer experience design, the improvements to the user journey and subsequent performance of the site were astonishing.  Within only the first 10 months, NMJ saw the following results, and all with zero spend on advertising or marketing.

  • Average order value – up 170.5%
  • Number of orders per month – up 54%
  • Total online store sales – up 123.45%


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