Integrating Xero with your existing systems/processes can save you a lot of  admin time. It also reduces data entry errors that can happen when a poor human has to punch the numbers in manually.

Below we talk about a few neat things we have done with the Xero API, but we are only limited by your imagination.


Automatic invoice generation after online purchase

Most online shops generate their own invoices. This isn’t ideal as someone then needs to enter these invoices manually into the accounting system. If you are dealing with many smaller B2C transactions this can burn up a lot of your admin time.

EC Vids Invoice Automation

We implemented a custom Xero integration like this for which saved countless hours of admin time.

By integrating Xero with the checkout process we could issue invoices directly from Xero and also apply payments to these invoices all in real time. Not only did this save us a lot of time it also made it extremely easy to match/reconcile payments received from the payment gateway (eWay/Stripe/Paypal).

Geting paid faster!

Being in the web dev game meant we were constantly charging out smaller invoices for web & email hosting.

By the time accounts generated the invoice, sent it out and then followed it up for payment a few times we were almost losing money on these invoices.

What’s a nerd to do?

Automate it of course!

We developed to check Xero for invoices under a certain amount. When it would find an outstanding invoice would automatically contact the person it was assigned to in Xero and ask them to pay via credit card. A subscription payment was then created so any future monthly invoices could be automatically charged and reconciled back to the users account/invoice.

This saved us a lot of time chasing up smaller invoices and made the entire process seamless. It also improved cashflow!

Need help integrating Xero?

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