Aircalin approached us to help them with their media campaign. They’d historically focused more on traditional media and wanted us to help increase engagement through digital channels.


Aircalin recorded 13% growth in revenue in 2017. Please pass on my thanks to your team for all of the assistance offered by Engaging in 2017.

Chris Thistlethwaite Country Manager AU & NZ


The Challenge

Aircalin is the only international airline operating for the pacific island of New Caledonia. Originally set up to maintain links with France of which the island is a territory, Aircalin now also operates flights to a dozen countries throughout Asia Pacific, The Americas and Europe.

New Caledonia is one of the Pacific’s best kept secrets. Despite only being just over 2 hours from the east coast of Australia, it remains for the most part a tranquil paradise, albeit a modern one.

Being a destination not on most tourist’s radar, coupled with a media spend that simply could not match those of it’s geographically close and much larger rivals such as Qantas, we had to guarantee we were going hit the right customers with the right message.

What we did

In a world of constant technical evolution and excitement, it can be easy to get carried away with the latest marketing gadgets and tools. We did none of that. Sometimes, the old tried and tested methods that are the best, and that’s what we went with. It might not sound sexy, but if it works, it works. In the case, we used the 80/20 rule. We invested 80% of their media spend in areas that had previously shown results, and invested the remaining 20% trying out new and previously unexplored avenues.

Capitalising on existing media relationships, we were able to secure new product offerings for Aircalin that weren’t being offered to their competitors, right across a range of online search platforms that specialised in the travel space.

Although the means to deliver the message for the media plan didn’t change drastically, the message itself did. At times we were creating over 40 ad variations for a single campaign, depending on platform, placement, or device, just to ensure the message received was optimised in every possible way for that particular customer.

The results

We’ve been working with Aircalin for a little over 5 years now.

During that time they haven’t increased their seating capacity or frequency of flights.

For every year we’ve worked with them, they’ve experienced a double-digit increase in revenue.

By constantly reviewing the data from online campaigns, what works, what doesn’t, analysing trends and patterns, comparing results against competitors and working tirelessly to ensure the messaging is optimised in every way it can be, we’ve increased revenue by over 50% since we were approached.

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