2 Hours

Saved per day per rep


Levantine Hill is a luxury wine brand with their winery located in Yarra Valley, Victoria. Their team prides themselves on pursuing perfection across the board, which includes taking great care of their customers. Levantine Hill uses a membership system to reward the loyalty of these faithful customers. However, they were relying on a lot of manual processes and working off spreadsheets to engage with their members as a result of the membership software they were using, which was taking time away from focusing on their great work.


“Without the team at Engaging.io building the custom integration for us, we wouldn’t have been able to use HubSpot as our CRM,”

“Ralph and his team helped us thoroughly scope the project, and then delivered, on time and to budget. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

Lisa Winkler, the Direct to Consumer Sales and Marketing Manager at Levantine Hill.


The Challenge

Levantine Hill’s desire for perfection in all fields means that they love providing value to their loyal customers and members. Levantine Hill was using a system called Zen Global as their loyalty system to store membership and transactional data on their customers. This data is vital to their business as it can be used to generate key insights and facilitate important processes in relation to their members. Therefore, it was essential that this data was able to be integrated with their CRM of choice. However, the major CRMs did not offer any integrations with Zen Global. This is where our team and the flexibility of HubSpot came in!


What did we do?

Before our contact with Levantine Hill, they had already decided to use HubSpot as a CRM because of its flexibility with custom objects. After the project was scoped out, we identified that we needed to create a custom middleware to allow for the communication of data
between Zen Global and HubSpot. Our team built out the middleware which received spreadsheets exported by Zen Global through a File Transfer Protocol every night. These spreadsheets were converted by the middleware so that the data could be integrated within HubSpot. This allowed Levantine Hill to be able to use all of HubSpot’s great tools in conjunction with their crucial member data.


What Happened Next?

Having the Zen Global Membership system integrated with HubSpot helped elevate Levantine Hill’s member processes. This data access allows Levantine Hill to perform tasks that would otherwise take up too much time in minutes. An example of this is being able to quickly look up which customers had bought a wine’s previous vintage when a new one is released, which is fantastic information for sales. Overall, the custom middleware we built for Levantine Hill helped streamline their already fantastic processes. From this they saw a 150% increase in revenue over the first 6 months and saved 2 hours of time per day for each of their representatives.

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