The brief.

Literally: “I want to make Financial Planning a digital experience. And I want us to deal with the inherent industry conflict of interest by not selling any financial products.”

Ahhh, ok.

Their skill set in development and creative design has enabled my vision to come to life. They've jumped in, boots and all, and are a critical part of the virtual team we have created. I would recommend them to anyone.

Paul Feeney, CEO, Map My Plan


How did we do it?

A lot of workshopping on the analog version of the financial planning process.

Along with a few key users, we wireframed detailed process flows, and our programmers spent a lot of time with accountants to work through how far we needed to go with calculations and dependencies (very far) and mapping those. We built a secure admin function for them to continue to update any regulatory figures/input that may change and impact calculations on a regular basis.

We developed a prototype version to test all security concerns and obtain necessary seals of approval re compliance.

The system is a bespoke build in PHP using a CodeIgniter framework.

Marketing strategy

Leading the marketing push, we identified three key marketing segments:

  1. direct users (those who probably should be using financial planners, but had an issue with the cost, or didn’t trust financial planners)
  2. Financial Planners who want to provide service to those clients they weren’t currently able to service
  3. Other financial institutions who were looking to provide extended value services to their client base

We integrated with site with a Marketing Automation System and put together campaign & channel strategies with these markets in mind, primarily including social strategies & a few key lead generation tools.

We focused our direct user approach with three key lead generation tools:

  1. Superannuation calculator
  2. Financial Fitness Index test & Report download
  3. 30 Financial Fitness Challenge

We then conducted split testing on key elements & messaging, measured performance and adapted campaigns to increase conversion.

Now what?

Map My Plan is the first truly independent digital financial planner in Australia, and we’re constantly working with regulatory authorities to adapt regulations to the digital environment.

We’ve just completed a thorough review on UX and are currently building out a new and much improved User Interface.

The feedback on Map My Plan is overwhelmingly positive, and everything we are very proud of everything we’ve done with Map My Plan. A very close and successful partnership between client, developer and marketer over the past three years.

We could do something this awesome for you, too! Get in touch to find out how...