Donna came to us via referral to build her website. Already having the design, we built the site on our bespoke CMS platform.

While we were building the site, it became apparent that the big US-based agency that Donna had engaged to build her app, had not actually built her app… So we built it!


What we did

We went through a series of in depth scoping and UI workshops to finalise usability and functionality of the build. We coded the front end from scratch and built the database bespoke in PHP using CodeIgniter framework.

Some key considerations for this build:

  • Each RFP document has ultimately unique naming and numbering conventions, sometimes more than 100,000 pages. So we had to build a naming and numbering convention that could be both flexible, as well as easy to search/track
  • Build in a bespoke bid countdown clock
  • Program success criteria to display in graphs and charts across three key milestone periods for each bid, tracking the likely success of the bid response at each particular milestone
  • Security is a big concern, given the size and sensitivity of both clients and projects

The app has been up and running successfully for over 18 months, and Donna is a very happy client 🙂

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