Taxi Clothing asked us to come up with an idea to re-invigorate the Bad Boy Australia clothing brand. We helped redesign a brand campaign and we put forward a cracking idea to run a competition website, where entrants could upload photos and videos of themselves under the tagline: "Show Us What You're Good At". We also ran the outdoor media campaign.


These guys can build anything you want online plus things you didn’t know you needed. The dev team really know their stuff.

Dan Fitch, Bad Boy Australia



The campaign was a huge success. The brand was able to connect with one of the most difficult demographics to reach – boys aged 15-25, a demographic that represents the heart and soul of what Bad Boy stands for. And they managed to also prove that they are SUPER TALENTED!

Website build

We designed and built a fully responsive and bespoke website that allowed users to create an account, upload their entries and vote on their favourite entries. The upload process had an approval system built in to it, to ensure all entries met the specified T&C criteria.



Campaign management

The campaign ran for 12 weeks & included a pre-launch period of three weeks.

We did the following:

  • setup all the T&Cs
  • negotiated prizes
  • promoted the comp (Facebook PPC)
  • monitored the process
  • selected all winners and posted all prizes




We setup and constantly monitored Facebook, YouTube & Instagram pages & got quite friendly with the users. Engagement was much higher than expected.

Within the first week of the campaign, this entry received over 200,000 YouTube views!


Key stats

  • 12 week campaign – Australia only
  • Just under 150 entries
  • Over 80,000 site visits (78% new visits)
  • Over 330,000 video views
  • Over 73,000 minutes of video watched
  • Over 6,800 facebook likes


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