Practice Ignition is a global company that provides an engagement and commerce platform which assists in automating the process of sending business proposals. Their company was growing rapidly which led to their HubSpot portal and processes lacking coherence due to the modifications being made to it by different people over time. And because they were growing so fast, they didn’t have the resources to investigate why certain processes weren’t functioning. This is where we first came in to help! However, this was just the beginning…


Phase 1 – The Audit

The Challenge

Practice Ignition strives to improve client engagement for all their users, through simplifying the invoice process. However, not having a proper grasp of their CRM often made it difficult to accomplish their day to day tasks. They were using HubSpot, however, they were struggling with understanding the system as a whole. This meant that when they discovered areas that needed addressing, such as leads being allocated to the wrong region, they found difficulty in identifying the cause and potential solutions. Essentially, Practice Ignition needed a deep audit of their CRM.

What did we do?

We used the audit to identify the key areas of the HubSpot portal that needed addressing. The areas that we pinpointed as needing attention were Practice Ignition’s workflows, custom properties, deal pipelines, forms, contacts and reports. We performed a deep dive into each individual area to identify the causes of these issues. From this audit, we discovered that Practice Ignition had a large amount of unengaged contacts and duplicate contacts. Furthermore, their marketing and sales automation wasn’t working as intended with leads being allocated to the wrong region. We quickly jumped in to fix things up:

  • Firstly, we performed a contact clean up of their unengaged contacts, in which we were able to cut down the database by around 10,000 people. 
  • Next, we found a solution to remove duplicate contacts in bulk that they could use internally. 
  • Lastly, we performed a correction of their core marketing and sales automation workflows so that leads were now correctly allocated to the right region and able to be actioned in a timely manner. 

Overall, we fixed the immediate issues Practice Ignition was facing so that their CRM was working effectively.


Phase 2 – The Reconfiguration

The Challenge

While we were  auditing and fixing their CRM platform, Practice Ignition was working on a new funnel, lifecycle and lead management process as well as an update to their sales team processes globally. Essentially, they were restructuring their business processes, so they needed to update HubSpot to match. Once again, we jumped in to help!

What did we do?

Practice Ignition re-engaged us, and asked us to help them implement their new lead management strategy, which involved multiple steps. 

  • We deleted old properties and created new properties for contacts, companies and deals. 
  • We helped refine their lead capture through deleting all old forms and creating 8 global forms to facilitate consistency worldwide and remove the need for creating multiple ad hoc forms. 
  • We implemented lifecycle stage alignment with custom funnel stages through a complex series of automations. 
  • We updated historical data to align with their new processes. 
  • Lastly, we updated the deal pipelines for the sales process to align the stages globally and simplify the process for the sales team.


What Happened Next?

Practice Ignition’s database is now much cleaner and more reliable. This allows them to conduct far more meaningful reporting and analysis, which in turn gives them a greater understanding of their database. Furthermore, they have changed their commission structure and their KPI’s for their sales team to reflect the new lead management and deal pipeline processes that we helped them create. Lastly, the sales team has the same sales process globally to create coherency between teams in different regions.

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