Our client for this case study is an Australian based company that strives to transform the way we buy and sell used cars. Their business is 100% online, simplifying the process of buying and selling quality used cars from the comfort of your own home. However, our client had some out of date processes that were frequently malfunctioning and needed a lot of attention. This is where HubSpot and Engaging.io came to help!


The Challenge

Our client was using a variety of systems and programs that needed streamlining. They were using Google spreadsheets with formulas for their sales and service that often would break, creating some headaches for them. Simultaneously, they were also using Trello to provide an overview of the progress of all car sales and was linked to their Google Sheets. In addition, they were using Mailchimp for email marketing.

These systems were making it difficult to determine where their source of truth and creating a larger than desired tech stack.


What did we do?

Our client engaged us to overhaul their sales and service processes through HubSpot’s super functional Sales and Service Hub.

We converted their sales process from Google Sheets and Trello and streamlined it into two deal pipelines; the primary B2C deal pipeline and C2B deal pipeline. We also helped them make use of HubSpot’s Service Hub through a ticket pipeline that takes care of the delivery process, the 7 day car trial and the process of returning a car if necessary. 

We assisted with their marketing process in HubSpot’s Marketing Hub by setting up custom marketing email templates and landing page templates.

In addition, we brought across cart abandonment data into HubSpot to automate cart abandon emails to help re-engage customers. This helped them move away from Mailchimp to further reduce their tech stack.


What happened next?

Our client now has a more streamlined sales and service process, with a clear handoff between the sales and service team.

Furthermore, they are also now able to create email campaigns and landing pages on their own within HubSpot. Having all these functions under the one umbrella within HubSpot has truly made all their processes more efficient and synchronised!

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