The Rawson Group of companies are a New South Wales-based property developer with an annual turnover in the hundred's of millions. In 2018 the Australian property market suffered a significant slowdown. Prior to this, in market boom time, property developers didn’t need good systems & processes to sell, but the market slowdown was so significant, Rawson knew they had to reevaluate their revenue generation processes & systems.


The challenge!

There was a level of frustration between Marketing and Sales. Sales were unhappy with being fed leads that weren’t ready to purchase, leading to a general belief that advertising and Real Estate portals weren’t effective any more.

Rawson initially engaged us to take on their media strategy for their Communities business. We talked them through the need for them to set up their own systems infrastructure to be able to adequately report on attribution and to learn more about their prospects via Marketing Automation. We recommended they sign up to HubSpot’s Marketing Enterprise Hub.

How we addressed these challenges…

At the time they had a CRM – Runway – that they were not able to migrate away from due to licensing issues. Their sales team are still required to use Runway. The system is very poorly built. Our recommendation to Rawson had been to streamline the lead generation function and automatically assign leads to their relevant sales team members. In order to do this, we needed to seamlessly integrate with Runway. We consulted with Runway developers to design an API that would recognise the correct Sales Member, pull that data back to HubSpot to assign the lead and generate internal emails with the relevant lead data.

We then built out a customer form that automatically lead-scores the prospects and either sends them (warm & cool) to an external Customer Call Centre (integrates with a Salesforce platform) who then updates their lead status. That adjusted lead status then determines whether the prospect is assigned to a Warm or Cool automated workflow, or emailed as HOT for Sales member to contact immediately.

Prior to this system, Sales would call prospects only to find out that they weren’t ready to buy for another 12-18 months. Now, they come to work and see a list of hot leads for them to call first every day.

We were told at the completion of this project, that they were two months away from making mass redundancies.

Some pretty good results!!

For each month prior to implementing the multi-systems integration, Rawson Communities sales were well behind forecast. The following three months showed an increase in sales to more than they had sold in the property boom period – an increase of 2,400%.

These results were achieved with the same level of Marketing spend as previous years. So that sales increase can not be attributed to simply spending more money.

Within six months, we far exceeded what was targeted for Rawson Communities:

  • New enquiry to qualified lead conversion rate increased by 100%
  • Cost per new enquiry and qualified lead decreased by 25%
  • Investment of resources into sales and marketing administration was reduced by 30%


This was a significant increase in performance for Rawson Communities. So much so that the Executive team rolled out the new process across their other two businesses – Rawson Homes & Thrive Homes.

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