TriCare Retirement Living is dedicated to providing beautiful homes in safe, secure, and supported communities, offering residents a fulfilling and independent retirement lifestyle. Despite their commitment to excellent resident care, TriCare faced challenges in their admission process, particularly with a complex paper-based form and the need to secure sensitive data.

What they needed:

  1. To retire a paper-based form
  2. Be able to securely store sensitive applicant data

How we got there:

  1. Created a custom HubSpot form and CRM Card
  2. Developed a custom integration between HubSpot and eCase

Paper based applications in a digital age

TriCare was struggling with an overly complex, paper-based admission form and no way to securely manage sensitive data. Acknowledging a lack of efficiency in their admissions process, TriCare turned to Engaging to help them utilize HubSpot as their digital CRM tool. To close the data loop and protect their applicants, we created a custom integration between HubSpot and eCase to allow for faster access to data while keeping it secure.


Getting the form right

The first hurdle involved recreating TriCare’s intricate paper-based form in HubSpot, this was priority number one and would allow for a seamless transition to a digital environment. Getting this right was crucial not only for the business, but also to promote buy-in from end-users with the new form and HubSpot. There were multiple details of the form that required extensive discovery, not just around the form itself, but around TriCare’s processes as much as anything.

For starters, the person filling out the form was not always the applicant. Sometimes, applicants would not be able to complete the forms, and the applicants’ children or another individual would have to complete the form on the applicant’s behalf. We built logic in to accommodate for every use case TriCare had seen and gave them the tools to add or edit these options if needed.

Once the application was completed, we built logic to split out multiple contacts in HubSpot and then create a Deal Record for each application. The Deal record would then be picked up and processed from there with different associations and labels (dictated by answers from the form), allowing TriCare end users to quickly get a brief of each resident at a glance.


Secure data access via a CRM Card

Data security and compliance can’t be underestimated. Sensitive data points were systematically stripped out and securely stored in a dedicated data warehouse located in Australia. To facilitate secure access for administrators, an intuitive interface was created, ensuring that sensitive information was handled with the utmost care.

The integration of eCase with HubSpot brought about significant enhancements for TriCare’s operations. A CRM Card was strategically placed on the right-hand side of the Deal view, providing a centralized location for attachments and sensitive documents. Automated reminders streamlined the tracking of missing documents, empowering staff to stay on top of their documentation rather than be scrambling for it (we’ve all been there) while on the phone or face-to-face with a resident.


The integration between HubSpot CRM and eCase went beyond admissions, it facilitated the synchronization of resident information. The data feed between the two platforms provided sales personnel with timely notifications about available beds. This coordination enabled proactive sales efforts based on accurate bed availability, marking a considerable improvement over the previous reliance on only eCase data.

Despite challenges in syncing financial data, the overall impact of the solution was transformative. The transition from a paper-based form to a digital HubSpot form significantly reduced back-end staff’s workload through the automation of manual processes. Duplicate data entry was minimized, enhancing operational efficiency and freeing staff up to work on other tasks.

The impact

Taking on HubSpot not only provided immediate efficiency gains to TriCare staff, but it also empowered management with deeper insights into sales trends and other valuable data. The implementation successfully addressed compliance concerns with the secure handling of sensitive applicant information. The project resulted in a holistic transformation of the admission process for TriCare that not only solved for their immediate issues, but also positioned them to embrace the digital age with improved data management and a more streamlined operational framework on which they can continue to grow and improve.

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