Janison is an education technology company focused on transforming the assessment experience globally by providing the technology and tools to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in school and business environments. Janison serves a variety of audiences and has experienced rapid growth over the past couple of years, meaning it was finally time to ditch the spreadsheets and commit to a CRM. Enter, HubSpot. And who did these educators choose to teach them about HubSpot? Engaging.io.

What they needed:

  1. Help managing renewal dates
  2. More reporting than Excel could provide
  3. To be able to track contact activity with customers

How they got there:

  1. Streamlined renewals via automation
  2. Onboarded HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hubs
  3. Implemented Business Units to help branding and cross-selling

Phase I - HubSpot onboarding

Our first initiative with Janison focused on onboarding HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hub, recognizing the need to streamline their sales and marketing processes. Facing challenges in managing a diverse array of school content and exams, Janison initially relied on cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. They struggled with tracking renewal dates, reasons for rejections, and generally maintaining a cohesive communication strategy. Janison was able to collect a bunch of really great information in their spreadsheets, they just didn't have a way to efficiently organize or digest it. This made it extremely difficult to determine what was and wasn't working, therefore making it harder to forecast and find areas of opportunity in which to focus.

With a myriad of products, both in sales and marketing, Janison aimed for better communication between their two Business Units (stay tuned), efficient automations, and a unified source of truth. We sat down with Janison stakeholders and mapped out exactly how and why they were handling their spreadsheets the way they were, as well as discussed what they wanted to get out of HubSpot upon going live. Once we had their process down, we took that information and mapped out how we knew we could optimize those processes in HubSpot based on our best practice recommendations.

We came back with the comprehensive solution they always wanted, starting with qualifying leads into the sales process, enabling effective follow-ups, and offering visibility into performance metrics and activities. We set up email and landing page templates for Marketing so they could own, clone, and manage them internally ongoing. For Sales, no more missed follow ups. We implemented workflows that automated follow up tasks for reps, increasing accountability and preventing deals from falling through the cracks.

Janison was so happy with their new HubSpot portal, they came right back to us for more help...


Phase II - Business Units

Following a successful Go Live, Janison continued to fall in love with HubSpot. In fact, they liked HubSpot's Marketing Hub so much, they decided to continue to invest in their growth by turning on Business Units. Business Units brings your brands together in one HubSpot account. They allow you to run cross-sell and upsell campaigns to reach every segment of your audience, track contact interactions and communication preferences with each brand, and report on performance across your business, zooming in on each brand's results.

Under the Janison umbrella, there are two similar but adjacent brands. There's Janison Assessments, and then there's Janison Solutions.

With a diverse portfolio of products, including general services and learning content under Janison Solutions and more specific products such as exam programs and tests under Janison Assessments, the differentiation between these two business units was crucial. The implementation involved turning on Business Units in Janison's HubSpot portal, setting up new initial templates, as well as fine-tuning forms, workflows, and reporting.

We're plenty familiar with Business Units, we just had to be extra careful as we were working in a live environment when updating objects for the two different Janison brands. Details matter, both teams had to be on the same page to make sure we weren't losing or risking any customer data. Operating in a live portal meant that even the order of turning features on and updating existing elements became critical, like tagging Business Units, updating contacts, and transitioning between old and new workflows. Our meticulous approach ensured a smooth transition while working within the constraints of a live portal - we're happy to report there weren't any 'Oops!' moments!


The Impact

Janison has a robust CRM that's ready to scale with them. HubSpot is making their reps' lives easier by eliminating manual tasks and has given management the visibility they need to lead and make proactive business decisions.

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