Fink is a hospitality business that manages a portfolio of restaurants in Australia. They pride themselves on the unique experiences they’re able to offer their customers – from exquisite service with stunning views to using only locally sourced ingredients. As long as the customer has an awesome experience and meal, Fink’s job is done, right? Wrong! Fink wanted to dive deeper and make their customers’ experiences feel even more special than they already were. Fink turned to Engaging to integrate their reservation system, Sevenrooms, with their HubSpot portal, so that they could use reservation and dining details to improve their ability to segment and target high value customers.

What they needed:

  • To target customers based on order history
  • To reengage high value targets
  • To be able to report on reservation and order trends

How they got there:

  • Created a custom integration between Sevenrooms and HubSpot

The appetizer

Fink already had HubSpot and SevenRooms in their tech stack already, but they needed help getting the two platforms to talk to each other. After a few discovery sessions to map things out, we created a custom integration to feed their data from SevenRooms to their HubSpot portal.

Before we continue, SevenRooms is a platform that helps hospitality operators create exceptional experiences that boost profitability and repeat business.


The main course

When a SevenRooms reservation is made, we extract and process the following data points:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Company
  • Reservation Status
  • Tags: (i.e. Occasion, VIP, Family)
  • Booking history
  • Customer notes
  • Booking Options
  • Table
  • Pax (number of people on booking)
  • Sitting/time
  • Restaurant/Venue
  • Marketing opt-in
  • Postal code and/or the full postal address
  • Amount spent (POS integration required)
  • Source (i.e. from website, phone, third-party)

We set the integration up to create a Contact record and a Deal record in HubSpot and then sync the data points to these records. If the reservation changes over time, these records are continuously updated in HubSpot (i.e. reservation cancelled, no show, etc).

If you have your Point of Sale platform integrated with SevenRooms, the amount spent will sync directly to the Deal amount, allowing for detailed pipeline reporting.



Once you have all this data feeding into your Contacts and Deals, creating Marketing lists and workflows in HubSpot is a piece of cake. Want to contact VIP’s or people who love red wine? No problem, just segment by the appropriate tags and create your email from there. Too easy!

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