Ever noticed an American Express logo or bill-holder at your favourite restaurant? These Point Of Sale items let the customer know that you can use AMEX at their establishment, and significantly increase the chances of a person using their card over a competitor’s.


The problem

The problem AMEX had was all these materials had to be ordered over the phone or via snail mail, which made it a slow process, and less likely that their products would end up being used by the merchants. It also made it hard to showcase their entire catalog of products.

The solution was to digitise the catalog and allow the merchants to order what they want online.


We were hired to do the following

  • Design the site
  • Build a shopping cart for the Point Of Sale material which could be integrated into their existing website
  • The cart had to be multi-lingual so the entire APAC region could use the system
  • Integrate with multiple suppliers across the region (Sync orders)
  • Build a custom admin area with multiple levels of access so support staff could accept and process orders for different regions
  • Manage their catalog easily online
  • Manage their digital asset downloads online for each region online
  • Custom checkout logic (only allow a maximum number of a certain item to be ordered at a time)

The site design was approved on the first submission and the system itself has been a huge success and has currently processed hundreds of thousands of orders for AMEX merchants without ‘going down’ once!

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