Istation, a prominent online education provider for PK-8 schools based in Dallas, Texas, found itself grappling with operational inefficiencies and a lack of agility in managing its website. Relying on a dated, code-based website, the organization faced challenges with backlogs of updates for their development team to make and ultimately struggled converting online leads into customers.

We stepped in to provide a comprehensive solution by redesigning and developing Istation’s website utilizing HubSpot CMS. The project not only aimed to enhance the user experience and improve website administration but also set the stage for Istation’s continued success  in the ever-evolving landscape of education technology.

What they needed:

  • Replace their outdated, code-based website
  • Remove backlogs of requests sitting with the development team
  • Convert leads into customers

How we got there:

  • Designed a new website in HubSpot CMS
  • Empowered non-developers to make updates through HubSpot
  • Set up Reporting in HubSpot to monitor success

The problem

Istation faced significant challenges with its existing proprietary and code-based website. The need for developer intervention to make updates to the website created a number of problems for the business. This reliance on Istation’s developers, whose primary job was actually to manage and update Istation’s in-house LMS (Learning Management System), hindered Istation’s ability to make timely product and marketing updates, which led to difficulties in converting leads to customers. And those are just the in-house considerations for Istation – the website’s complexity also made it challenging for users to find information as some of the content was targeted for parents’ consumption, other content was obviously designed for students, and then there were also professional development tools included for educators. This content ranged from complete courses (Math, Reading, Spanish, etc) to educator certifications.

The solution

Our approach to tackling Istation’s website challenges began with a foundational step: comprehensive planning and strategizing. Just as a house needs a blueprint, a website requires meticulous wireframing. We initiated the process by collaborating closely with the Istation team, conducting thorough assessments of their current setup and gaining an understanding their aspirations and objectives. By combining their input and our expertise, we created a roadmap that aligned with their vision while leveraging best practices in web design and development.

With a clear understanding of the design direction and desired outcomes, we got to work. From intuitive layouts to streamlined workflows, every element of the website was crafted with the end user in mind. The result was a platform that not only met Istation’s immediate needs but also positioned them for long-term success in the competitive landscape of online education.

Once the design was complete, we shifted our focus to empowering Istation’s non-technical staff. The final step to set Istation up for success was empowering the Marketing team to take control of managing the website and its content without having to involve the development team. Do you know what the best part about this was for us? The Marketing team, true to the nature of their business, was eager to learn and jumped right into the weeds with us. They learned HubSpot CMS quickly and were able to dramatically streamline the update process, reduce friction internally, and enhance overall website administration efficiency by being able to monitor performance with HubSpot’s native Reporting abilities. By transitioning away from a code-based website to HubSpot CMS, Istation was able to utilize intuitive tools that would improve the user experience and simplify navigation, making it easier for their various audiences to quickly find the information they required.

The impact

The results were nearly instantaneous. The redesigned website not only improved the user experience but also saw an immediate bump in conversion rates. Empowering the Marketing team to handle website updates significantly reduced wait times and gave hours of time back to their developers, allowing them to focus on their Learning Management System. The Marketing team’s commitment to learning and active participation in the training process demonstrated a successful shift towards self-sufficiency. Overall, the new website provided a marked improvement in user experience, higher conversion rates, and administrative efficiency, setting Istation up for continued growth and success into the future.

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