Collarts (Australian College of the Arts Pty Ltd) is an independent tertiary education provider with four campuses across Melbourne. Being a tertiary institution, there is a large amount of paperwork and documents to review and process for each student application.

Collarts had been using manual methods to process documents such as passports, drivers licences and other sensitive documents which was quickly becoming an issue from both a legal and efficiency perspective.


The Challenge

Collarts has always aimed to deliver high quality tertiary education whilst remaining on the forefront of contemporary culture. However, their manual processes were taking resources away from their day to day tasks and was also causing frustration for both students and staff. On top of this, Collarts needed to ensure that they were following Australian Legislation in regards to the security of sensitive documentation.

Collarts was in need of a system that would be able to replace their previous manual processes.

This system would need to make it simple for: 

  • Students to upload their sensitive documents whilst also 
  • Staff: Making it easy to approve and access these documents 
  • Secure enough to store the documentation whilst being in line with Australian legislation


HubSpot CRM Card to the rescue!

Since Collarts was also already using Hubspot, we quickly identified that we could build a HubSpot CRM card extension to facilitate the secure storage of these documents. 

The main benefit of this is that the data can be stored externally to HubSpot and in any data storage region of choice. Additional logic can also be coded into the iFrame extension to further help support the sales and service processes and further streamline these processes. 

When documents are uploaded by a student via a public form we also update properties on the HubSpot contact record so that we can trigger automations via a HubSpot workflow. This allows Collarts to create tasks and notify the correct HubSpot user to review and action the documents. 

After the documents are uploaded they can now be securely accessed via the HubSpot sidebar:



What happened next?

The new system that we made for Collarts has simplified and streamlined their previous documentation process. The system has increased satisfaction and security for both staff and students whilst maintaining compliance with Australian Legislation. Additionally, the integration of the system with HubSpot allowed Collarts to access documents instantly, generating a more positive and professional experience for both students and staff.

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