The brief.

Build a local segmented database from scratch with a view to establishing a community of Fox content lovers who have access to great content that they are actually interested in.


Thank you guys - your team are great to work with and the final product is really well executed! I've forwarded it to our domestic users for reference.

20th Century Fox LA


What we did

We knew we had to work with Fox’s legacy database & automation system Oracle Responsys. We built a local microsite to house the content (bespoke build using PHP with CodeIgniter framework).

We worked with Fox Marketing staff to develop the Access All Areas branding and put together a short term content plan to ensure we had a handle on the logistics of gathering all the content, then we could refine the process, as well as the content that people loved the most.

We work very closely with Fox Marketing staff to implement the content plan and are in review & split testing phase to plan for content for the next 12 months.

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