Business Australia, formerly known as the NSW Business Chamber, are a not-for-profit organisation who work to support small or large businesses across Australia. They work to identify key issues impacting businesses and find practical solutions in an effort to help them grow, improve their efficiency, and advocate for better conditions on their behalf.

Great team to work with. EIO were an integral member of the project team in delivering the Federally funded Business Energy Advice Program (beap) by Business Australia. They supported the program with: built a middleware application to collect customer data from the BEAP Kentico website and a third party provide, created a survey form that collates customer data and outputs a detailed report on their energy efficiency and ways to improve, automate the sending of reports to customers, sync all data with HubSpot, push relevant data to third party provider via API, and automate 12 month follow up survey and associated data sync.

Anthony C., Business Australia


The Challenge

Business Australia won a tender with the federal government to provide energy advice to small businesses. The goal of the Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP) was to lift engagement and knowledge around the subject nationally by providing free advice and online resources leading to becoming more energy efficient and reducing costs. This advice could be delivered over the phone, face to face, online, or a combination of all three through a series of questions used to generate a tailored report for the client.

Business Australia needed to be able to effectively report on each interaction during key stages of the customer journey and automate interactions with customers post-engagement. They wanted to use their existing Kentico web platform to capture businesses through a registration form and for self-serve content, but they also needed all of this data to be captured in HubSpot in order to track, provide analytics and trigger follow ups.

In addition, businesses that met a certain criteria would have their details passed to Make it Cheaper (MIC) for further contact, with details passed back after contact was made.

What Did We Do?

Firstly, we needed these systems to talk to one another, so we built out a middleware application to collect customer data from the existing website and MIC, and sync all this data with HubSpot.

We also created a digital survey form to be used by BEAP consultants or by the customer directly to collate their data and create a detailed report. Based on a complex matrix, the customer received an automated report outlining their current energy efficiency and tailored ways to make various improvements. A follow up survey was set up to be triggered 12 months from the original to see how businesses had managed to progress with their energy efficiency journeys.

Customers who met the criteria had their information sent automatically to MIC via API, and post contact, updated information was sent back and added to HubSpot.

What Happened Next?

There were a lot of moving pieces in this system and various stakeholders and departments all interacting at various points along the way. However, the new middleware application ensured seamless communication and allowed Business Australia to not only meet but surpass the benchmarks set by the federal government.

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