The smartphone revolution

By Michelle O'Keeffe on June 3, 2012

Google, with Ipsos Research, recently undertook some new research to learn more about how Aussies use their smartphones and what that means for the businesses that serve them. Click here to download the full report.

Put simply, the research outlines four trends that every advertiser, marketer and business in Australia should pay attention to:

  1. Your customers have gone mobile…so should you: It’s safe to say that Australia’s mobile revolution isn’t coming – it’s already here. More than half of the Australian population now owns a smartphone, which means that more than half your customers do too. Businesses need a strategy that addresses mobile consumers.
  2. Smarter phones make smarter shoppers, so be ready: The overwhelming majority of Aussies we surveyed (94%) have researched a product or service on their smartphone device, which means a mobile-friendly website is now essential to your bottom line: 61% said they wouldn’t return to a website that wouldn’t load on their phone.
  3. If you’re local, they’re looking for you: 86% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone and 88% take direct action as a result, such as visiting or contacting the business. That’s almost double what our research found last year, making it doubly important for small businesses to be ready with a mobile website that clearly displays information like location and trading hours.
  4. Multi-tasking with media: Australian smartphone owners are multi-screen masters, creating extra opportunities for advertisers to reach them as they multi-task. For example, 80% use their phone while doing other things like watching TV (48%), and 57% have searched from mobile after seeing an ad on TV. Businesses should complement their online and offline ad campaigns with mobile ads to reach their audience on all screens.

Mobile internet usage by Australians now rivals that of PCs for activities like social networking and, soon, shopping, Google found.

About four out of five Australian websites are not optimised for smartphones!


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