Our team’s favourite updates from Inbound 2022

By Matthew Han on October 10, 2022

HubSpot recently unveiled a bunch of brand new features in conjuction with Inbound 2022. Our team has outlined their favourite features below and how they will help!

Lenora, Account Manager

Favourite features:

  • The new Customer Journey Analytics reporting
  • The improved customisation options, including:
    • Customising the right hand sidebar
    • Customising deal cards
    • Customising activity buttons
  • Presets for users

Why they’re my favourite: 

“For me while there’s so many cool updates, the reason the customisation ones are up there as a favourite is because it gives me the capability to tailor HubSpot to any client. This saves time and makes HubSpot easier to use for clients and is something I’ve used off the bat for most of them.

From an administrator’s perspective, having that extra control over the user’s configuration and signature set up using presets is a big win.

I’m also excited to see the further breakdown of the customer journey as we do a lot to help businesses facilitate their customer journey in HubSpot. This is going to add another level of analytics to help make informed decisions and continue to refine even further.”

Dani, Account Manager

Favourite features:

  • Import error handling
  • Data quality command centre
  • Property validations
  • Data quality automation recommendations

Why they’re my favourite:

“Data quality is one of the biggest issues we face when either bringing data into HubSpot from our client’s previous CRMs or when we are brought in to a portal after years of minimal control around data captured in HubSpot. The import error handling improvements stop you from importing bad data up front, allowing you to uncover and rectify any errors before the data enters HubSpot, rather than waiting until after it has been imported and having to back track through your spreadsheet to find and fix these errors before importing again.

The data quality command centre gives you an overview of all of your HubSpot data in one place. From duplicates, to formatting issues, to unused properties, everything is visible and can be fixed directly in the command centre itself.

Property validations are a game changer for data that enters HubSpot via a form, allowing you to set validation rules for certain properties in order to control what data can be saved into the CRM leaving you with higher quality data and a more accurate database.

Like property validations, the data quality automation recommendations take away the need to manually fix data formatting errors, such as spacing and capitalisations, by having AI suggest rules and making those changes automatically (once you accept the suggestion). Some of these features are still in a public beta stage and require either Ops Hub pro or enterprise, but in my opinion are all worth it!”


Matthew is a young marketer who loves taking on new challenges. He has an in-depth understanding of HubSpot and it’s features, as well as an appreciation for all forms of marketing media.

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