Why you need a custom built website

By Binod on June 2, 2016

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So you need a new website? Your existing website is looking old and tired and its time to retire ye’ old faithful. It’s tempting to browse around for a new WordPress template, change the images, write some new content, add your logo and voila! All done. (Much easier than a custom built website!)

But chances are the template is not going to adequately reflect you as an online presence. There is no thought about what you’re trying to achieve as a business or who your target audience is in a WordPress template. It will always be generic and fail to meet your needs.

Why be generic when you can be unique?

Sure it costs more, but can you really afford to have an online presence that is not original? When a website is constructed from the ground up there is a lot of thinking behind it. This foundation becomes the basis of the website. This thinking is not just done by the agency but by you as well. When there is a process behind the design the right questions are asked and answered and the design gets off on the right foot.

Before Sketch or Photoshop is even opened. These questions must be considered together:

  • What is your website trying to achieve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How to give that target audience the best user experience possible whilst on your site?
  • How will your website reflect you as a company and stands out amongst the crowd?
  • Technical aspects of maintaining the website. How to make it easy for you to update the website whilst maintaining it’s integrity?
  • Adding further functionality as your business grows?

All these considerations will shape the design of a website. A generic website template will not give you this foundation to build on, it will always just be a resemblance of your true self.

So I know you’ll be forking out more money for your shiny new website than on a template but it’s an investment that will repay itself many times going forward both financially and functionally. When a solution is built from the ground up there is time and thought put into every aspect of your website: user journey and interaction, how the design elements best reflect you as a company and how your website will carry through that message across all devices. It’s like choosing a portrait to represent you rather than having an artist draw you, it may resemble you but it will never reflect you.

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