Marketing Tools for B2B Lead Generation

Can you pique your reader’s interest in 6 seconds? If not they will more than likely bounce to another site, never to be seen again!

Inbound marketing tools are specifically designed to keep them lingering on your most important pages… And keep them coming back for more.

B2B Lead Generation & Capturing Information

The  B2B sales cycle can often take a lot longer… these deals are often bigger and more complex, and require a more in depth education process for the user so they can make an informed purchase. Inbound Marketing Tools greatly help to automate and speed up this process while capturing and providing as much quality information as possible. When it comes to B2B lead generation, the most profitable leads have everything to do with the amount of information you can capture about the prospect and how far down the nurturing cycle you can take them before any human on human interaction is required.

This means the first seconds on your website are critical. If you can’t engage with them and capture their details, there’s no way to market to them after they leave your website.

At it’s core, the most important things inbound marketing tools help you effectively manage are:

  • Landing pages + Forms
  • Calls to action
  • Contact / lead tracking
  • Lead Nurturing / Emails
  • Reporting!

The Perfect Landing Page

Are you giving them enough to get hooked ?

A great landing page should be consistent from end to end. If you can’t convert the users to a lead at this point, you are most likely going to lose them. So it’s important to:

  • Ensure content consistency from blog article >> CTA >> landing page
  • Does the offer deliver value to the contact? Are you giving something of value away in return for the contacts details?

Designing truly effective landing pages demands thinking and drilling-down for the core issues that your customers are facing.

Once you have captured the user’s information, you can then automatically enrol them into a workflow that will nurture and educate the user.

A ‘workflow’ is an automated marketing tool. It is designed to automatically respond to users actions with perfectly timed follow up emails that contain relevant content.

This process can also help you progressively collect information about a user over time VS asking the them to compete a huge form which often results in the user bouncing.

Effective Calls-to-Action (CTA’s)

So now we have a pretty awesome landing page… But how do we get people there?

When focusing on quality  b2b lead generation, you need to incorporate effect calls to action. These will help drive users from other pages of your site to your offers in exchange for a user’s details.

Focus on Persona-Dependent CTA’s

An effective inbound marketing system can also automatically swap out offers based on what the contact has already downloaded. For example, if they have already downloaded a white paper, the next action you want them to perform is request a demo. Any decent Inbound Marketing Tool will be able to swap the offers on your site out based on this criteria to make them much more effective.

Crafting smart CTA’s that will auto-adjust based of your persona-specific profiles is an outstanding way of presenting targeted offers to your visitors.

When To Activate The Lifecycle-Dependent CTA

‘Smart Lists’ include visitors, new or ongoing subscribers, sales-qualified leads, and any other identified customer. The approach is intended to show first-time visitors CTA’s for top-of-the-funnel offers, while offering sales-qualified leads for CTA’s for pricing inquiries.

Effective b2b lead generation also means utilising the most effective lifecycle-based CTA’s. They are designed to move leads down the funnel by showing persona-targeted offers. These educate visitors about products or services, while also warming them up for the sale.

Forms: Easy to Build – Easier to Fill Out

The most important inbound marketing tool is actually your forms!

Every  landing page should have a form that is only collecting the essential info. The more fields you have will decrease the chance of the user converting… Ask yourself: Do you need to know their phone number, DOB, State, country etc etc for top of the funnel leads? If it’s unlikely you’re going to need any of that info, then don’t ask for it! Remember you can always ask for it later once the user has indicated stronger interested in your company or product.

Inbound marketing tools make it easier than ever to create custom field properties that automatically sync-up to the contacts database. These tools have totally surpassed anything we ever thought to be possible only a few years ago.

When it comes to the effective b2b lead generation – following these basic tips will not only save you time but also be very profitable for your business.

If you need any help implementing an effective inbound marketing strategy we would love to hear from you. We have a wide range of tools for any budget. Or check out some of our ebooks for more free info. 

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