Image Watermarking Program – Bulk Facebook / Pinterest Uploader

Do you need to resize, watermark and bulk upload hundreds of images quickly?

Processing bulk images has always been a pain point for many of our clients when out in the field, or at events and the like. Unless they are photoshop savvy, resizing and watermarking can be a time-consuming and painful process.

We have just finished developing an online Image Watermarking Program that allows you to:

  • Select multiple images at once to process
  • Resize your images (before upload reduces bandwidth for faster uploads)
  • Watermark them with your logo (or any image you like)
  • Bulk upload to a Facebook album on your fan page
  • Pin a watermarked version directly to Pinterest

This is ideal if you are at an event and need to process hundreds of images at a time. It will free up your reps to do what they do best instead of fiddling around trying to upload large images to Facebook.

We recently set this system up for a client who was sponsoring a Tough Mudder event. (view an example album here)


Below you can see a screenshot of how effective this kind of promotion is on Facebook. People love seeing themselves. You can see a huge spike in activity as people started tagged themselves as well as their friends.

Facbebook activity graph

Watermarking Program Screenshots below:

Process / watermark / Upload bulk images to Facebook:

Watermark and upload images to Facebook

Processed image with client logo watermarked in the bottom right corner:

Watermarked image example

Pin an image directly to Pinterest:

Pinterest watermarking program Pinterest watermarked pin program

Bulk upload watermarked images directly to a Photo Album on Facebook Fan Page:

Watermarked Facebook album Watermarking Facebook program

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