HubSpot/SendGrid integration – log transactional email events to HubSpot

By Ralph Vugts on October 30, 2020

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We have just released our latest HubSpot SendGrid Integration called Mail Sync! MailSync is the simplest and most cost effective way to connect Sendgrid to HubSpot. Our HubSpot app listens for email events (clicks, opens, bounces and more) and logs these to the HubSpot Contact timeline to give you full visibility over all communications heading your customers way.

Example: You have an online store sending order confirmation and invoice details via email. If these emails are sent via SendGrid you can log these events when they occur on the HubSpot contact timeline as well. 

SendGrid is great for transactional emails or using as a custom SMTP server for your emails, and you can integrate it with your website or app to handle email sending. This gives you visibility over email deliverability so you can easily triage why an email didn’t hit your customer’s inbox. You can also use these data points for segmentation in HubSpot to further power your marketing campaigns. 

Cost effective!

HubSpot’s transactional email product is quite expensive and needs development time to integrate it into your website or app.

HubSpot Transactional email cost

BUT, SendGrid’s pricing starts at only $14.95 pm! And if you need a dedicated IP, it’s only $89.95!

Why use MailSync?

Log SendGrid events to the HubSpot timeline
Easily log transactional SendGrid events on the HubSpot Contact timeline. Get full visibility of all email events that have been sent to your users.

Segment contacts by events
Segment your contacts by SendGrid events. Want to know who opened or clicked on a specific email? All this data is logged onto the Contact timeline.

Debug email delivery
Not sure why a customer is not receiving a specific system email? We store the full history of each email event as it occurs including delivery status, bounce reasons etc.

Automatically unsubscribe users
Automatically unsubscribe users when these events occur. Helping you remain anti-spam compliant!

Check out the Mail Sync APP here (7 day free trial)


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