How to add a Facebook APP to your Page as a Tab

If you have had a Facebook app developed, you will want to add it to your own page as a Tab so users can easily find it.

Follow the steps below to get your Facebook Tab up and running in five minutes.

Create a Facebook App


  • Make sure you are an Admin of the page you want to add the Tab to.
  • Get the APP ID from your developer or look it up at if you developed it yourself.
  • Get the APP URL from your developer. This will look something like https://yourwebsite/facebookapp/. Note the APP is not hosted in Facebook but on a 3rd party server such as your own website.

Complete the URL below with the details listed above:[APP_ID]&display=popup&next=https://[URL_TO_YOUR_APP_ON_YOUR SERVER]

  • Copy this into your Browser’s navigation bar and hit ‘enter’.
  • Facebook will now ask you which page you want to add the APP to. Select the appropriate page and your done!
Facebook app URL

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