How important is it to optimise your website for mobile?

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Last week’s research from IPSOS/Google indicates smartphone penetration is up from 37% in 2011 to 65% in 2013. Users are clearly wanting to engage for products and services, however just over half top Australian brands have mobile optimised websites (55%, up from 20% in 2011).

The research indicates Australian mobile users have more readily adopted the platform as compared to US/UK users, and that 23% of Australians would rather give up their TV than their smartphone!

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Have a website? Or thinking of building one and not sure you want to spend the extra $ on making it responsive (easy to view/use with tablets & smartphones)? Not even considered a mobile site?

STOP! You might want to read this first:

Our global digital usage trends and behaviours throughout 2012 confirm a huge increase in:

  • the uptake of smartphones (recent report by comScore MobileLens says 82% of new phones acquired in UK throughout December were smartphones)
  • 1 in 5 Brits used their smartphone to purchase a product or service in December 2012

And wait for it……….

  • 50% of consumers did not return to a site that wasn’t mobile ready!

This is why we love the measurability of what we do!

If you’re not overly keen in discounting 20% of your customers, you might want to consider making your new website more mobile/device-friendly.

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