The client for this case study is a men’s health organisation that offers knowledge and treatment solutions surrounding intimate health. They were gathering the details of their patients through tedious manual processes and a paper based system. However, this system was adding too much time to their daily activities and was not as secure as they needed it to exchange sensitive information. This is where we stepped in to help…


The Challenge

Our client prescribes personalised treatments for all their patients with their very own doctors. The prescription process is complex, with doctors creating a script, then accepting payment, then sending the script and payment confirmation to the pharmacy who then eventually ships the product out once everything is approved.

This process requires a lot of sensitive information to be exchanged online, and therefore it is essential to have a secure system in place to deal with this information. Furthermore, the process must be clear and streamlined, so that any potential errors can be avoided.

Unfortunately, our client’s paper-based, manual system was not meeting these requirements, so they needed to find a new method to address their business needs. Our client was also using HubSpot already as their CRM, so they needed a system that could easily integrate with HubSpot so that their process could be streamlined even further.


What did we do

We had some initial chats with our client, and decided that the best course of action would be to program a custom CRM card within HubSpot. This CRM card was set up to assist both doctors and pharmacists in distributing treatments to patients through increased security and improved automation.


The CRM card was created so that doctors can come into HubSpot and generate a script on the HubSpot contact sidebar. The doctor is then able to add in the patient’s payment method through the Stripe payment gateway. This saves the patient’s payment details so that they can automatically process future orders. The script and payment details are then saved to the CRM card, and the contact’s properties are updated to notify pharmacists that the script is saved and the payment has been made.


The CRM card was also set up with a view for pharmacists. This is a read only view that allows pharmacists to read over scripts and payments that are sent by doctors without being able to actually edit them. This enables the pharmacists to process and approve orders directly through the contacts record in HubSpot. We also added an A5 print view so that pharmacists can easily print scripts directly out of HubSpot.


Only certain HubSpot users were allowed to view this sensitive data. We syncronised the teams from HubSpot to our CRM card and then adjusted the interfaces so only certain teams could view and access certain documents and data points.


At key points during the process above we also updated properties on the deal. This allowed for easy automation to notify the Pharmacist that a prescription was ready to be processed. Eg. Payment had been made or the script was ready to be fulfilled.


What happened next?

The CRM card we built greatly assisted in simplifying the everyday tasks for the doctors, pharmacists and the company as a whole.

Furthermore, all the sensitive details that are exchanged during their processes are now secure within the card we built. Our client’s patients can now receive their treatments faster, and with peace of mind that their information is secure!

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