MedicalDirector provides software solutions to support healthcare professionals deliver their services to their patients safely and efficiently. MD was using Salesforce Marketing Cloud to perform all their marketing operations, however, they found that this software was too time consuming and difficult to use. MD came to us to help them find a solution to speed and automate up their marketing campaigns and lead processing.


"Engaging's work has allowed us to add HubSpot to our marketing tech stack which wouldn't have been possible without their API work to accomodate our uniquely complex data model in Salesforce."

Fraser Brown, MedicalDirector


The Challenge

MD were in need of a new program that would be able to automate and speed up their marketing process so they could focus on providing their quality software solutions.

One of the main challenges was how their contacts were structured. Duplicate issues and multiple non standard Salesforce objects were causing a lot of headaches and was making it difficult to target the correct people. 


What did we do?

We had discussions with MD and determined that HubSpot’s marketing tools would be a perfect solution to help speed up their marketing campaigns. 

Unfortunately, HubSpot’s existing Salesforce connector did not meet their needs. As a result, we went about creating a customised synchronisation from Salesforce to HubSpot to cater for the specific logic that MD needed. 

This information was synced from Salesforce into a custom object that we created for HubSpot which then helped to segment and drive their campaigns. We also built a lot of custom processing rules into the integration to handle the duplicate issues and ensured data integrity was maintained.   

As contact properties and fields get changed and added on a regular basis we also created an admin interface that allowed MD to map additional Salesforce properties and process web-to-lead enquiries from HubSpot to Salesforce using webhooks.


What happened next?

Medical Director can now easily use the HubSpot tools to run their campaigns without having to do manual exports from Salesforce to get the lists they need to send to. This saves a lot of time for MD and also allows them to automate email campaigns in real time instead of relying on manual time consuming processes.

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