Zen Global HubSpot Integration - HubSpot ecommerce bridge

By Ralph Vugts on Jan 26, 2021
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We have just completed our Zen Global HubSpot Integration!

Now you can easily sync your contacts, products and deals from Zen directly to HubSpot for your custom marketing automation campaigns. 

Zen Global Specialises in cloud based Point of Sale, Loyalty and Marketing, Sales Reporting, Gift Card and Display Screen Software. Syncing this data directly to HubSpot gives you many data points to trigger your marketing automation and also allows you to create custom reports from deal line items in HubSpot. 

Our integration uses the HubSpot ecommerce bridge so will work with any HubSpot marketing licence that has ecommerce un-gated. Sales Pro not required!

Run campaigns based off Zen data points such as:

  • Gold, Silver status in Zen
  • Point balances
  • Custom properties
  • Products / line items ordered previously
  • Sync phone number for SMS marketing
  • Plus much more: Location, Date of birth, registration date - any data point we can access can be mapped to a property in HubSpot

Zen HubSpot Integration Ecommerce

Deal view in HubSpot after data sync'd from Zen:

Zen HubSpot Integration Deal setup in HubSpot

Need help integration Zen and HubSpot?

Get in touch here - we make integrating easy!

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