Web to Highrise Integration

By Ralph Vugts on Sep 17, 2012

So many businesses rely on web forms as the first step in their customer relationship. Whether they are filling out a simple contact form or a complicated lead generation interface, we know just how important that first impression is.

We are delighted to be able to provide integration with Highrise, 37signals’ simple Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Highrise is a web-based CRM service that provides a more thoughtful way to keep track of the companies, people, conversations and tasks that are crucial your organisation’s workflow. Used by thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs to manage over 15 million contacts, the service is considered one of the easiest ways to monitor the progress of the leads and deals that make up your organisation’s workflow.

If you would like to integrate your website with Highrise get in touch here.

Highrise Integration features:

  • Create or update existing Contacts in Highrise via a form on your website
  • Matches the email address supplied via the form to your Highrise Contacts
  • Save directly to custom Highrise fields
  • Add notes to Contacts (contact us questions / enquiries)
  • Add Highrise Tags
  • Installs directly on your website, or we can host the form for you
  • Trigger custom emails to customers & admins

Screen shot below:

Highrise form integration

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