Things to bear in mind when redesigning your website...

By Ralph Vugts on May 30, 2012
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Websites have quickly become the communicative gateway between consumers and organisations. While many companies believe that the websites that are currently in place are sufficient, the evolution of the online platform garners consistent tweaking, as well as periodic overhauls, designed to take advantage of new concepts and the changing consumer landscape.

Improving the layout of your site can give your online sales figures a significant boost, and provide an interactive experience for potential or existing customers. However, managing this properly is the key, as the road to online proficiency is littered with failed attempts at redesigns and re-launches. SEO should be considered at every turn, and the efficiency navigation layout of a website will impact your business in ways that many do not consider.

Capturing the attention of online traffic is obviously one of our primary goals.  However, maintaining, and improving upon, our current SEO strategy requires attention to several details:

  • Set Redesign Goals
  • Hone Keyword Strategy
  • Begin Page Optimisation
  • Layout SEO Infrastructure
  • Review Links (Key on Effectiveness)
  • Utilise Analytics
  • Notate Client Appraisal

These areas should remain at the forefront of the re-design process. While some may be of greater importance than others, be sure to be deliberate in the assessment and implementation of each step’s strategy. In doing so, you will be giving your website overhaul the greatest chance to succeed in the eyes of both your organisation and its consumer-base.

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Ralph has been developing websites and systems for nearly 20 years. Passionate and curious, he’s an a-typical developer who understands how users interact with the systems he builds. He understands that systems need to be human-friendly. Ralph loves working in an industry that is constantly changing and disrupting itself.

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