The rise and rise of online shopping!

By Michelle O'Keeffe on Oct 17, 2012

When we build e-commerce websites, we have one primary goal in mind: make it as easy for your customer to buy as is humanly (or digitally) possible.

Regardless of which camp of the online retail debate you're seated, online shopping is here to stay.

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Doesn't really matter. Because thanks to The Joy Of Clicking, and their very tidy little Infographic (below), we know that ONE THIRD of the total internet population now shop online...

Benefits are a no-brainer: quicker, easier, and increasingly, free shipping (we like free shipping).

So if you sell stuff online, take heed. To successfully ride the wave of online shopping, you must:

  • Keep your site simple & easy to navigate
  • Have as few clicks as possible for your customer to secure their purchase
  • Don't forget the service. Just because you're not face to face, actually makes it more important to offer great service
  • Offer discounted, or free shipping

And one last thing. Don't forget mobile - mobile purchases are growing rapidly. Some of our clients' sites see over 40% of purchases from smartphones!

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