Tall Emu CRM to HubSpot data migration

By Ralph Vugts on Jan 10, 2020
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Looking to migrate your data from Tall Emu CRM to HubSpot? You're in luck as the data structure is a great fit for the HubSpot CRM!

The following elements can be easily mapped over to objects in HubSpot:

  • Tall EMU Contacts -> HubSpot Contacts
  • Tall EMU Opportunities -> HubSpot Deals
  • Tall EMU Companies -> HubSpot Companies
  • Tall Emu Files -> Can be attached to Contacts, Deals or Companies in HubSpot
  • Tall Emu Activities: Calls, Tasks, Emails, Notes plus more -> HubSpot Engagements
  • Tall Emu Owners -> HubSpot Users

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DIY Basic Tall Emu Migration

A basic migration can be done easily by yourself using the import tools available from HubSpot, BUT... if you are also wanting to associate contacts, deals and companies to their activities (with correct dates) and upload bulk files you will need to create custom import program to process these. 

The Tall Emu CRM contains identifiers which link all these records together - these need to be extracted and processed accordingly. 

For example we can import an opportunity from Tall Emu and associate it with the appropriate company and contact in HubSpot. Any tasks, calls notes etc. would be imported into the relevant timelines and associated to the owners in HubSpot. This means your sales team can swap over and still view all their historical data and get alerts for any tasks or activities they need to action to push the deal forward. 

We have created a custom import program which picks these data points up and links everything up correctly in HubSpot so your team can hit the ground running. 

Data Extraction:

Getting the associated data out of Tall Emu CRM can be a time consuming process. There are a lot of SQL tables which store different pieces of data. SQL queries need to be written and exported often in batches, depending on the Excel version available on the SQL server as older versions max out at 65,000 rows. 

Tall Emu Files: These are stored in a separate folder on the server. The file name will have been converted to an identifier. When these are being processed the files need to be renamed and securely uploaded to HubSpot and then associated to the correct objects. 

Need help migrating your data to HubSpot? 

We are HubSpot Advanced Implementation Certified and can work with any data source to get your HubSpot account up and running as soon as possible. Get in touch to discuss you migration to HubSpot here. 

Want to evaluate HubSpot as a CRM? We can create a free testing account for you that last for 90 days - sign up here

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