Retailers, how not to miss out on 40% of your audience this Christmas

By Ralph Vugts on Nov 15, 2012
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Something we see with our retail clients has now been confirmed by Google (or maybe it's the other way around!). 40% of traffic comes from mobile devices.

Retailers have to embrace mobile to survive as Google’s latest trends report showed up a 20% spike in shopping-related searches, with an unprecedented 40% coming from mobile devices.

The sad news is this, 1 in 3 retailers have a mobile tailored website, yet enquiries from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) has more than doubled in the last 12 months.

Come on 2 in 3 retailers, what's going on? This is like refusing entry to 40% of your customers. Good news is it's not too late (although it's getting close) and if you need some help, then send us a quick message

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