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By Ralph Vugts on Nov 12, 2021
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HubSpot already had powerful reporting tools but they just got even better! 

This brand new functionality builds upon HubSpot's previous tier options, with brand new features and updates to assist businesses with sophisticated reporting needs. Here’s everything you need to know...

As a RevOps professional myself, I know how important it is to be able to quickly gain insights from your data. I’m excited to see what our customers will be able to achieve with these powerful new tools"

Alison Elworthy, Revenue Operations at HubSpot

So what exactly do you get by choosing Operations Hub Enterprise?


1) Datasets

One of the new features that Operations Hub Enterprise brings is Datasets. As a business grows, its data becomes harder to tame, making it difficult to extract meaningful insights. 

This is where Datasets comes in. With this new feature, analysts and operations are able to generate collections of data within their Hub, pre select fields, run calculations and more. This can then be sent downstream to create meaningful reports.

Being able to run calculations on the fly and then making these new data points available for the existing reporting tools is an absolute game changer. Now someone techy (like us - woo hoo) can come in and configure the tricky parts and make the data available which in turn makes the reporting tools much easier to use for marketing or admin teams.

Datasets save ops people time and give them more control, and enable easy, fast, and consistent reports for business users."

Ralph Vugts, Digital Director at Engaging.io

2) Snowflake Datashare

If you haven’t heard of Snowflake, they are an industry leader in data warehousing. With Operations Hub Enterprise, you will gain access to Snowflake data share allowing you to easily analyse all your HubSpot Data!

While HubSpot reports are extremely powerful and cater to 95% of use cases you can’t always access every single datapoint. This is now no longer an issue as you can sync all your HubSpot data to a separate Snowflake instance that you have full access to and then use your external reporting tools to this data and build your own reports.

With this, businesses are able to facilitate meaningful insights and create even better customer experiences.


3) Additional Capacity

On top of the new features, Operations Hub: Enterprise users will also receive:

  • 3000 Additional Reports 
  • 300 Additional Dashboards
  • 100 Additional Lists 
  • 100 Additional Workflows 
  • 10 Additional Custom Objects


4) All features of lower tiers

Operations Hub Enterprise also includes all the features in Operations Hub Free, Starter, and Professional.

This includes HubSpot Data sync which provides fast and comprehensive integrations with more than 60 of the most popular SaaS applications. Another feature included is data quality automation. This allows users to automatically format data such as capitalising names, fixing date fields, and more — using HubSpot workflows. And that’s just the beginning!


Interested in how Operations Hub Enterprise can help you?

Similar to HubSpot’s other Enterprise products, Operations Hub Enterprise is best suited for larger organisations with multiple teams. If you have a small company, you may want to consider some of the other tiers for Operations hub.

Furthermore, you may want to consider HubSpot Operations Hub Enterprise regardless of your size if you have a serious data operation at your company or struggling with your current data.

If you'd like to find out more, you can contact us using the form below. 

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