Onshore Sensitive Data Storage with HubSpot CRM Cards

By Ralph Vugts on Jun 11, 2021
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HubSpot unfortunately does not yet guarantee where your data will be hosted. While this is ok for most industries, many others like medical, legal and certain government agencies often require data to be stored on-shore in Australia (or their region of choice).

We have developed custom HubSpot CRM cards for clients who require sensitive data points and files to be stored onshore while still having the information easily accessible via the HubSpot CRM. 

The CRM card lives on the right hand sidebar of a contact, deal or company:

HubSpot CRM Card location

When the CRM card / iFrame is loaded it will pull data, files and other functions from the remote system / database. This data can be stored in your region of choice, for example, AWS Sydney.

Example of ID documents accessible via CRM card:HubSpot CRM card file upload

When data points or files are uploaded via the iFrame - properties on the HubSpot contact record can also be set which then allow for automation to still occur from HubSpot, for example, notify a HubSpot user that the ID documents have been received or enrolling a contact into a HubSpot workflow.

There is no limit to the functionality we can build out inside the iFrame as it is hosted outside of HubSpot and can be coded to your needs.

Need help setting storing sensitive data outside of HubSpot?

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