Now Book It/Bepoz HubSpot Integration

By Ralph Vugts on Jul 29, 2022
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We recently developed a custom integration to connect Now Book It & Bepoz data with HubSpot! Now you can get full visibility on your customers directly in HubSpot and use this data to drive your marketing and reporting.

Now Book It is a powerful one-stop ​restaurant reservations system​ used by more than 4500 venues throughout Australia and New Zealand.

How does our Now Book It HubSpot Integration work?

When a Now Book It reservation is made we extract and process the following data points:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Company
  • Reservation Status
  • Tags: eg. Occasion, VIP, Family
  • Booking history
  • Customer notes
  • Booking Options
  • Table
  • Pax (number of people on booking)
  • Sitting/time
  • Restaurant/Venue
  • Marketing opt-in
  • Postcode and/or the full postal address
  • Amount spent (Bepoz integration required)
  • Source i.e. from website/phone/third-party

In HubSpot we then create a Contact record and a Deal record and sync the data points to these records. When the reservation changes over time these records are kept up-to date in HubSpot (eg. reservation cancelled, no show etc)

If you have Bepoz integrated with Now Book It the amount spent will sync directly to the deal amount allowing for detailed pipeline reporting.


Marketing Automation (HubSpot Workflows)

Once you have all this data feeding into contacts and deals creating marketing lists and workflows in HubSpot is a piece of cake. Want to contact VIP's or people who love red wine? No problem just segment by tags and create your email.

Need help setting up an integration between Now Book It and HubSpot?

Get in touch here! We can get your customer data flowing into HubSpot in no time.

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