My time so far at (from the intern)

By Matthew Han on Dec 7, 2021

Hi there! My name is Matt and I’m an intern at Before I applied for this position, I was honestly unsure if I’d enjoy a career in a corporate workplace. Fast forward to today and I’m three months into my internship, and absolutely loving it! However, my joy with work hasn’t come from a sudden passion for a desk job, but because is a workplace like no other. As a result, I've written this post to highlight my favourite parts about working here.

People first

It was made apparent to me very quickly that puts their staff before anything else. This was not just something that was said for the sake of it, but is truly ingrained within the thinking of every staff member.

On my first day I was told that there was zero tolerance for abusive clients, no matter how important or valuable they are. Over these three months, I've seen this actually enforced many times in the workplace. This really gives me a sense of humanity knowing I do not have to forgo my mental health for the sake of pleasing a client.

This is not the only way puts people first. The company actively encourages going the extra mile for clients, even if it is out of scope. This means that I can confidently give clients extra assistance wherever they need it. Without having to worry about whether helping will cut into a certain target or metric,  I feel more fulfilled and have happier clients!

Inclusiveness has a medium sized team, however there are employees located all over the world. With different backgrounds and values, I love getting to work with everyone on a daily basis. One phrase that our CEO, Michelle O’Keeffe said during our first chats has stuck with me today. This quote was “The strength of our company comes from our diversity”. This phrase is echoed throughout all the processes we undertake, and it’s clear there is zero room for any form of discrimination and that everyone is always treated as an equal.

Being half Chinese myself, I’ve never felt the need to be worried about my race or appearance, which I have felt in the past in other workplaces. has really made me feel right at home and made me feel appreciated for being different, rather than discouraged.

Honesty at all times also has implemented a culture of always being honest and straightforward at all times. This way of thinking goes both ways between management and employees. From management, I was told that if I was ever lacking in areas, they would always let me know straight away. This means that I’ll never get suddenly shocked by some news that I’m underperforming out of nowhere. Now for an anxious thinker like me, this really helps me feel confident in the work that I’m doing.

Now from myself and other employees, we are encouraged to always own up to our mistakes and own up early. emphasised that we’re expected to make mistakes as we’re all humans, so it’s better to say something earlier. This benefits both and myself, as I am able to confidently own up to my mistakes without fear of any form of belittling and it also allows us as a team to quickly think of a strategy to address the mistake. This way of thinking really helps both me and to move forward instead of focusing on negativity!


In my time with, I really feel that they understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and can also change on a daily basis. They allowed me to alter my work schedule so that I can continue my studies whilst maintaining work. This has tremendously benefited me in my career progression and scheduling. They also understand if someone needs to leave early on a particular day because of something important. If employees are to leave early, they are able to finish the rest of their work when they get home. This really helps with keeping a healthy work-life balance, creating a freedom to accomplish any life tasks.

Final Thoughts

I honestly could go on about the amazing things I’ve experienced at However, if there’s anything I’d like you to get out of reading this, it’s that truly treats everyone like the humans they deserve to be, no matter if you’re an employee or client.

Matthew is a young marketer who loves taking on new challenges. He has an in-depth understanding of HubSpot and it’s features, as well as an appreciation for all forms of marketing media.

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