HubSpot Webhook integration for professional users

By Ralph Vugts on Jun 11, 2019
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A simple way to integrate or get data out of HubSpot was to fire one of their Webhooks directly from a HubSpot Workflow. What this essentially does is send a bunch of info about a contact, deal or company directly to another system of your choosing when a certain criteria is met. Eg. new form has been submitted etc.

This was very handy for people who didn't have much dev skills as they could use tools like Zapier to easily get data out of HubSpot and into another system. (like a Google Sheet or any kind of 3rd party system that has an API)

Unfortunately this functionality is only available now for Enterprise customers. Professional users who still require this functional either need to upgrade or... engage a developer to configure this via the API.

Fortunately this is a pretty straight forward job to setup by using the HubSpot Workflow Extension API. Once a Webhook has been setup via the API it can fire data to any endpoint you like for processing (Zapier, or custom etc)

The main benefit of getting a developer to set this up for you is you can avoid upgrading your plan to Enterprise while still getting the desired functionality you require saving you a bit of cash until your business grows to the next level.

Workflow Extension VS Workflow Subscription

When creating HubSpot Apps you also have the option to create a webhook subscription which looks for changes on certain properties. The main downside to this is you can only monitor changes on specific fields. Using a Workflow Extension Webhook instead allows you to trigger off anything you can think of (forms submits, activities, contact changes etc) which makes it quite a powerful and flexible option.

Get in touch if you need to set something like this up - we specialise in Custom HubSpot App development. For a great example of what we can do checkout our Xero HubSpot integration which allows you to raise invoices directly from deal or contact records in HubSpot.

HubSpot Webhook Subscription in action

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