We won what?

By Geff Harper on May 14, 2018
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Winning awards.  Who doesn’t love to have their work recognised as being at the top of their game?  Awards though, generally speaking, are aimed at sectors or specialities where there is a lot of competition.  It’s a good way to distinguish yourself from the myriad of other businesses doing the same or similar things.

But our business model doesn’t really it fit into that ‘award stereotype’.  We specialise in doing niche, hard-to-do, complex integrations and bespoke digital builds.  For some of the work we do, there’s literally no one else in Australia that does it. Not much of an award category.  ‘Hey, we won again!’ An easy feat when it’s only you in the running.

On top of that, when we do build amazing sites for our clients, we encourage them to enter for awards.  We have clients who’ve won multiple technology and innovation awards in their sector for the sites we’ve built for them. They get the credit, which helps them gain traction and more business.

Imagine then, our surprise and joy recently for winning the HubSpot Integration Award. You’d be forgiven for not being overly familiar with it, it’s certainly a far cry from the Oscars, but for us, it meant a lot.

As I said, a lot of what we do is really bespoke, though very cool stuff.  You have a set of systems that don’t speak to each other and won’t be friends? We’ll make them best buddies.  To be recognised by HubSpot, the world’s leading software platform for Marketing Automation as being one of the best agencies globally for being able to do that with their platform, well, it feels pretty darn good, we don’t mind saying.

Is this blog article a shameless piece of self-promoting propaganda, saying to the world “look at us, we won a frickin’ award from one of the worlds coolest software providers”?  You bet it is!

Read about the work we did to win the award here.

If you’re using or thinking of using HubSpot and want to know more about how to get the most of it by integrating it with your existing platforms, or have a host of systems that won’t play together nicely and need some help to bring them into line, then drop us a line.  The advice doesn’t cost anything (only the amazing award-winning work!!).

Geff’s been in design for nearly 20 years, in digital for the last 10. Geff uses User-Centred Design principles to develop CX and UX that delivers for clients. He loves problem solving, leading design sprints and prototyping. Geff advocates strongly for user feedback and enjoys the challenge of creating solutions that positively impact user behaviour and interaction with technology.

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