How the latest Facebook changes will affect your business posts

By Michelle O'Keeffe on Mar 7, 2013
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Yesterday, Facebook announced it's launching a new version of its News Feed which is designed to be more consistent across all devices, reduce clutter and better categorise content:

"We've completely rebuilt each story to be much more vibrant and colourful and highlight the content that your friends are sharing. Photos, news articles, maps and events all look brighter and more beautiful."

There are several new categories of News Feed for individuals to choose from:

- All Friends - a feed that shows you everything your friends are sharing
- Photos - a feed with nothing but photos from your friends and the Pages you like
- Music - a feed with posts about the music you listen to
- Following - a feed with the latest news from the Pages you like and the people you follow.


Facebook feed choices


What does this mean for your business posts?

With the focus on categorisation, visual posts are even more important. Strike that, interesting visual posts are even more important!

Also, you might need to look at increasing frequency of posts, as within all these streams (potentially being viewed less frequently), they are served most recent first.

Facebook didn't talk about Facebook ads in its release, however, a Facebook representative was quoted as saying "The idea of making things richer, more immersive, includes ads." When we know more, we'll update you :-)

For more information, check out the Facebook release here.

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